Are you in the market for a Graphic Designer? There are a few things you may need to know before finding the right fit. I’ve accumulated a few key factors here for you to remember when searching for your perfect designer for your business needs.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer.

If it’s your first time to hire a Graphic Designer, do your research and find the best fit. The Graphic Designer represents everything about your company.

We’ll get into some of those things shortly, but first you need to understand one important factor about designers or artists in general: They think with their right side of the brain.

This is important, why you ask? As a business owner you need to understand, right-side thinkers are creative. They think differently than the left-sided thinkers who are more strategic and analytical

Creativity needs to flow, they need moments to create without interuptions, sometimes they need a little time to research the subject, they see their creations as art, something to be proud of and to represent themselves.

What designer do I hire?

First you need to decide what type of designer you need. There are so many different types of designers. Here are a few to consider:

  • Web Designer
  • Product Label Designer
  • Ad Designer
  • Brochure, Business Card Designer
  • Sign Designer
  • Vehicle Wrap Designer
  • Mobile App Designer

For the few I have listed, be sure to be specific when placing an ad for a designer. This helps them understand what you are looking for and you may save yourself a lot of time in the search process.

Freelance vs Payroll Employee?

How should you hire the designer? Do you need a full time staffed graphic designer working in house? Do have enough projects to fill a need? Can you manage by hiring a freelance artist just as needed?

One thing to consider when hiring for a full-time position, you will have payroll taxes. On the other hand, Freelancers get paid by the project or by the hour (discuss this in advance before you contract labor) and then you can 1099 them at the end of the year and they will take care of their own taxes.

If hiring full time in house, you set the hourly rate. If hiring freelance, they set the rate. There are many sites you can join and upload your job and the freelancers can bid on the project. You get to pick the designer and the price. Again, research before you agree to terms. Make sure they design for your style.

Key Factors To Think About…

When hiring an artist or designer, you will want to make sure they fit into your environment. I’ve had designers in the past that worked too slow for my work speed. I like fast paced working environments and getting jobs kicked out promptly. Slow thinkers slow the pace down and work gets backed up. This drives me nuts!

  • Check out the designer’s website, look at their work, is it your style?
  • Have them visit your shop/office, watch their expressions, how are they dressed, did they take a shower? (You may laught at this, but this is a serious question)
  • Did they drive or hitch a ride? How will they get to work? You want someone dependable.
  • Have them bring their portfolio. They should have extensive work samples. Are they fresh out of college, or are they seasoned in the field? Fresh out of college, you can mold them to fit your needs if you have do so. Seasoned veterans are good, but make sure they are willing to do what YOU want. You don’t have time to mess with re-do’s.
  • Ask what software programs they know. Do you have a program you already use? Do they know it, or will you have to train them?
  • Never hire a graphic designer over the phone if they are going to work in house.
  • Don’t have them send portfolio samples by email if they are going to work in house. I’ve been burned by this. I’ve had them send other people’s work instead of something of their own. See it in person, they should have a portfolio or website you can visit.

How Much Should I Pay?

This is a question everyone asks. To find the answer you can Google Search or even go to Glass Door or similar websites and find the average salary in your area.

If you are hire a Freelancer, they will tell you their going hourly rate or you may also have them price by the job. This is a much safer way to contract the job. If you are priced by the hour, which could be anywhere from $30/hour to $75/hour or more, those hours could add up if lots of changes are made or the designer is slow working. Make sure whatever you choose, get the quote in writing.

Some websites you can find freelancers are as follows:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Smashing Jobs
  • Krop
  • Design Pickle

Finding the right designer can help your business grow and also help build your reputation.

I owned a small sign shop a few years ago, and I interviewed over 30 designers before I found the right fit. She was worth the wait. She helped me grow my business and we became known for our creative designs.

Take your time and find your right fit. It’s your business and reputation. You’ll be happy you took the time. Good luck in finding your Graphic Designer!

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