I’ve always seen everyone wearing those super cute rain boots during the wet seasons. I love the different styles and patterns that you can buy, but the problem is my calves are too big to fit in them!

My husband and I decided to travel to Alaska last September, touring Vancouver first, then off on an amazing cruise. While planning for the trip, I noticed most every excursion recommended weatherproof clothes and footwear. I decided I needed a pair of rain boots.

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Monogram Your Wellies

I searched the internet looking for wide-calf boots and finally located a pair that were my size. The boots however were not that cute. I bought them anyway just so I would have a pair for the trip! I never wore them.
As I was cleaning my office the other day, I ran across a 12 x12 piece of decorative printed vinyl. A little inspiration came to mind and I decided to dress up my ever so boring boots.

In honor of the “April Showers” season fast approaching, here are the steps to making my monogrammed boots.

My boots are black, or maybe navy blue, I really can’t tell. Regardless, I’m using the vinyl I found on them because I like it. I’ve been saving this piece for the perfect project.

Next ,I measured the area I wanted to place the monogram. I could make this as big or as small as I want and decided to make this one about 3” around.

I loaded my patterned vinyl into my cutting machine and chose a font to use. You can find decorative printed craft vinyl from numerous stores around the country. You may even have a vinyl store in your home town. Just do an internet search to find one near you. I’m using a calendered printed vinyl here with a gray adhesive. If you don’t know what that is, refer to my first blog for more information. Gray adhesive helps block the dark color of my boots from showing through the print.

I decided to cut an extra more simple design along side this one for later use. I chose Monogramos font, which I found on www.dafont.com for free. The circle ring and outside circle shapes I actually bought pre-made from www.svgsalon.com. I didn’t want to spend the time designing them. After the designs were cut, I removed the vinyl and sliced off the cut area making it smaller and easier to weed.

Weeding is the term used when pulling the pieces of vinyl from the design that do not belong. I applied a high tack transfer tape using a squeegee to rub it down securely to help adhere it to the vinyl in order to lift the design from the liner (backing).

I measured down from the top of the boot approximately 1-1/2”. I taped it in place to keep it secure, then installed it with a hinge method. Flipping the bottom of the design up, I peeled the liner off and used my fingers to rub the vinyl into place starting from the top, working my way down. The boot is flimsy, so I laid the boot down on its side to finish the process. Once I ran my squeegee over it a few times, I removed the transfer tape to view my finished project.

Applying the monogram gives the boots a little flair and I love the design! Now my boots are made for walkin’…or at least playin’ in the rain! Don’t forget your umbrella!