I’m starting this blog because my life is all about vinyl and so many people have asked my advice on many topics from vinyl to running their business, to hiring tips to teaching classes.

My hope is to bring my 30+ years of knowledge to this site for others to learn and ask questions. As the library collection grows, more information will be at your finger tips in just a click of a mouse or tap of a button.

Beginners and veterans alike will be able to find the latest color trends, extensive information on a multitude of topics as well as watch simple tutorials to learn for themselves or employees etc.

This site is great for beginners, veterans, business owners in the craft and sign industry, employees and DIYers. I also offer one-on-one consulting for your business.

Email or call me for pricing.

I look forward to talking with you! Feel free to contact me about topics to cover. I can’t wait to help you succeed!