Are things starting to pile up around you? Are you starting to lose site of your desk? Maybe your corners are starting fill with stacks of boxes and you can’t find a thing? Well that was me a few months ago…it was out of control!

Simple Ideas To Organize Your Office/Craft Room

I went from an outside sales job to a full time job in the craft industry. I knew my office needed to transition into a multi-function room, but instead it started becoming a storage room. It became unorganized as I brought in new materials to sample and it was extremely stressful to look at through my office doors as I passed by every day. I knew one day I would need to get in there and get it organized, but when?

The first of this year was a turning point. I started decorating my house and little by little made my way to my crazy office. I decided to get busy.

I shopped around online and figured out real quick the shelving I would need would be over $1000. I knew I wanted bright colors because my house is dark, so I looked for white. I searched the used furniture ads and bought some used IKEA shelving and a credenza off of Craigslist for less than $200.

I sold my big beautiful desk and downsized to another IKEA find on Craigslist, a small flat top table. I got to work and pulled everything out of the room to start with a clean slate.

I started sorting through boxes and bins separating my crafts into small groups of items that went together. Sharpies, Paint Markers, Dry Erase Markers etc. I began searching for storage containers.

I started my search at my favorite store, The Container Store. I found these cute mint green magazine storage boxes on sale so I bought several of those. After looking through the store, I didn’t find much more but decided this would be my color inspiration for my office-craft room.

Pottery Barn was running sales at Christmas, and I found some gray wool baskets with handles for $25 for a set of 3. I bought 2 sets and thought those would be great to hide certain items on the shelves, plus it would give me another color to add to my room.

I stopped by Big Lots on my shopping spree day and found glass jars in all sizes with metal lids. These would tie in with my gray baskets. I bought several if each and would use these for my pens, markers and other small items.

craft room organization idea

I visited Hobby Lobby and picked up some antique wire baskets on sale and also I bought some galvanized tubs for future use. I found an antique workshop sign, along with a bulletin board that matched my magazine holders and a work board which I now use for my sticky notes, because they fit perfectly in the squares.

I began organizing my craft items in my containers and started to see the room come together. The containers make a world if difference. I can see what is in each jar, my books are organized in my wool baskets. See-through plastic bins from a Kroger after Christmas sale stores bulky items in the corner. My office has finally turned into a functioning office-craft room. 

I will later add a rug and small work table in the middle of the room, but for now I’m just enjoying being able to use my desk again and finding items right away!

Feel free to share your organizing tips here!